Jennings: Analyzing the Legislature’s Learning Curve

Lakin, KS ( The polls indicate voters have devalued political experience if they agree with the candidate’s views. In the case of the Kansas legislature State Representative Russ Jennings of Lakin sees an interesting paradox between experience and moving key issues forward.


Jennings says legislators with less experience maybe more accepting of what they hear at first. Currently 70-80 percent of the Kansas House have been in the legislature less than four years.  

One of the big issues from the last session was filling a projected 400 million dollar budget deficit by raising the sales tax to six and a half percent.  Jennings and others will have to wait before hearing the initial results.

Jennings provides an example from a neighboring state on idea Kansas should also consider.

Jennings is confident thinking outside the box can keep Kansans home and the money here.

*On-air story*