July 16, 2024

Buffaloes tennis third at home invite

Garden City Invite

Team scores 

Dodge city 40 head to head and points 1st

Hays 40 head to head 2nd

Garden city 40 3rd 

Great bend 36 4th 

Meade 28 5th 

Liberal 28 6th 

Scott city 27 7th 

Wichita west 20 8th 

Garden city JV 12 9th 

Cimarron 12 10th 

Ulysses 12 11th 

Colby 11 12th 



Number 1 singles Megan Bordewick 

Garden city bye 

Loss to Scott city’s Emma price 4-8

Def Ulysses Dakota Pister 8-0 

Def WICHITA WEST Emily Baird 8-2 

Loss to DC Leah Stien 3-8 

Def Meade Chrissy LeClear 


Number 2 doubles Sally Dinkle and Shai Cartmill 

Def 8-1 Ulysses estefani Acosta and Ally Payne 

Def 8-1 DC Adriana Rodriguez and Hannah Sowers

Def 8-1 GB Carly Boyd and Taylor Huslig 


Number 2 singles Haley Victor 

Garden city bye 

Def liberal Nikki Gill 8-2 

Loss to DC Suzy Arkell 8-7 7-5 tie breaker 

Def Wichita West 8-1 Jennifer Sandoval 

Def Scott city 8-4 Ximena Ayala 


Number 2 doubles linh lee and Amanda powers 


 def Scott city 8-7 7-5 Christina Tilton Melanie Tilton 

 loss to hays 5-8 Brianna Forinash and Gabby Taliaferro 

 def garden city JV 8-5 Megan powers and Allyson Becker 

Def Meade 8-4 Nikki Friesen and Bailey Lewis