September 26, 2022

Holding court; Scott City narrowly wins home tennis meet

Scott City, Kan. (–Sometimes when you win a meet as a team, you don’t have to have a singles or doubles team win their division. That was the case for the Scott City Lady Beaver tennis team on Monday, as they narrowly edged Ashland for the team title in Scott City on a warm and breezy day of competition. Winning the team championship came down to the final doubles match between Scott City and Ashland, when the No. 1 Doubles Team of Krystal Appel and Alma Martinez took the win over Ashland, to win their own meet for the first time since 2011. Only three points separated the top four teams, and seven points for the top five.

Team Scores
Scott City 19, Ashland 18, Tribune 17, Liberal 16, Colby 12, Ulysses 8

No. 1 Singles
1. Maeghan Matson, Ashland; 2. Cassidy Hild, Tribune; 3. Emma Price, Scott City; 4. Estefani Acosta, Ulysses

No. 1 Doubles
1. Jordyn Aspley/Tierra Stoney, Liberal; 2. Tribune; 3. Madisyn Lehman/Julie Schroeder, Colby; 4. Krystal Appel/Alma Martinez, Scott City

No. 2 Singles
1. Jacki Endicott, Ashland; 2. Ximena Ayala, Scott City; 3. Jessica Hanson, Ulysses; 4. Nikki Gill, Liberal

No. 2 Doubles
1. Laura Schroeder/Amelia Culver, Colby; 2. Kayla Tran/Cassy San Luis, Liberal; 3. Christina Tilton/Melanie Tilton, Scott City; 4. Abby Bergren/Jessica Mendoza, Tribune

Assistant Coach Steve Kucharik