GCCC Looks to Build More Student Housing; Revamp Programs

Garden City, KS (westernkansasnews.com) Garden City Community College just recently added new student housing across the street from campus on Spruce Street.  GCCC President Doctor Herbert Swender says discussions are already underway to construct additional units in the near future.



Swender has indicated student housing is already at capacity.   The college would not seek a tax bond for the new housing.  Just like with the latest housing, occupants or student fees are expected to cover a big part of the cost.

Doctor Swender has also issued a challenge to his department leaders.  The Quality and Excellence Program will look to improve sub-performing areas on a 1-5 scale with five the worst and 1 the best and attempt to find tools of allowing these programs to succeed.

The new program will be rolled out soon as part of an overall strategy to improve efficiency at GCCC.

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