May 17, 2024

Math and Reading Scores Slide; Determination to Find Reason

Dodge City, KS ( Reaction is coming in on the recent NAPE standardized tests for fourth and eighth graders where math and reading scores in Kansas were down for students who took the exam.




State Board of Education member Sally Cauble of Dodge City thinks there is another reason the scores dipped.

The new test is more closely aligned with Common Core standards.  A new vision for Kansas schools could help with assessment scores in the future.  Earlier this year 18 groups from across the state of Kansas gave feedback on the future of education. This help facilitate a motto and design which is serving as the focal point for implementing changes.

State Board of Education Member Sally Cauble of Dodge City on what this means.

Cauble says educators need to further development soft skills related to employment and that will take time.

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