May 25, 2024

State on Pins and Needles About Education, KDOT Funding

Lakin, KS ( While we are still months away from hearing a decision by the state Supreme Court on the education funding issue, State Representative Russ Jennings of Lakin believes if the school districts bringing the suit win, it could be a whopping number.



Which begs the question how do we fund our priorties while without suffocating people through higher taxes?

If the state ultimately losses, Jennings doubts legislators would have to come up with the solution in the next legislative session.   

State Representative John Doll of Garden City has already expressed his concern and it is shared by State Representative Jennings. KDOT funding continues to get slashed in order to fill projected budget shortfalls. So when do motorists start feeling the effects?

The immediate concern is this winter where some forecasts are calling for more moisture and colder temperatures. KDOT officials insist they will be able to keep up with anything Old Man Winter throws their way.

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