Brownback Convinced His Economic Policies Will Work

Garden City, KS ( the economic growth experienced in Garden City and other parts of Southwest Kansas the state continues to face mounting budget deficits.  This is not discouraging Governor Sam Brownback from staying the course.


Here are the priorities for Governor Brownback.

There is a real concern that the only way to balance the budget without tax increases are significant cuts across the board.  Revenues are off 159 million the rest of the year and 200 million next year.  Brownback is not going to make matters worse for businesses that are struggling or hurt those that are doing well.

Some property tax relief will be coming to people living in Holcomb, Hugoton, Ulysses and Scott City as a combined three million dollars in emergency funds are coming their way from dropped valuations. The governor responds to critics who are upset district have to come back with their hats in hand.

Governor Brownback supports block grants because of the the greater latitude it gives districts to channel the money where its needed most.

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