Terrorism: Huelskamp Thinks President Obama Focused on Wrong Problem

(westernkansasnews.com) Western Kansas Republican Congressman Tim Huelskamp gave his reaction to the President’s address on the terrorist attack in San Bernardino last week. Huelskamp is confused why President Obama believes attacking the second amendment is the best way to keep Americans safe.


The question now becomes can we expect the federal government to protect us anymore?

As many of our intelligence and immigration officials in Washington have discovered there are gaps in the system and some of them have been exploited. A perfect example were the purpatrators of the San Bernardino attacks just one week ago. Huelskamp identifies another loophole the US House worked to close this week.

Huelskamp raised another concern that has been brought up in the presidential race.

And what about the danger Christians are facing in the Mid East? 

There are numerous reports of Christians being beheaded by ISIS. Huelskamp says in the past Christians facing persecution would not have a problem getting in.

Huelskamp thinks no matter who is let in the US needs a vetting system to determine the true origin of refugees and what kind of risk they pose to the country.

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