March 4, 2024

LaPolice Explains Why He is Making Another Run at Congress

Clyde, KS ( Congressman Tim Huelskamp has two Republican challengers for his seat in the US House. One is Alan LaPolice of Clyde who in his first run against Huelskamp two years ago received 45 percent of the vote. LaPolice on why he feels it is important to run again.


While not a big support of the recent omnibus budget bill that passed, do not expect LaPolice to advocate for shutting down the government to get spending under control.

Instead LaPolice would urge the appropriations process return to the way it used to be done.  When it comes to another big issue gun control, LaPolice does not believe the President is the only one to take the blame.

LaPolice believes he is in the mold of the other past representatives of the district.

There has been a lot in the news about Syrian refugees being brought over to US soil. The President supports it, but some Republicans are concerned ISIS will infiltrate the refugee groups and put our nation at risk. LaPolice does not share those same concerns.

LaPolice believes some critics want to turn away refugees simply for their religion.

LaPolice’s stance draws a clear distinction between him and Congressman Tim Huelskamp when he hears from intelligence officials who say there is no system in place to possibly vet all these refugees.

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