June 12, 2024

Safe Driving Survey Gives High Marks to SW Kansas Towns

(westernkansasnews.com) How good of a driver are you? If you say good, you’re not alone. A recent survey done by Consumer Affairs had three cities in SW Kansas reaching the top 10 list for having the safest drivers in the entire state. Ryan Daley is content manager for Consumer Affairs and tells us the criteria used for their survey.



Garden City ranked 3rd, Ulysses 5th and Liberal 7th on this survey. Can survey’s like this help with your insurance rates? Ryan Daley with Consumer Affairs says not directly.

Daley believes insurance rates are tied more with the individuals driving record. Still knowing these results could help those looking to buy a new car on whether they need certain safety features.

The Consumer Affairs safe driving study looked at fatalities per 100,000 people and their root causes including distracted driving, DUI and speeding. Data used came directly from statistics compiled by the US Department of Transportation.

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