December 1, 2022

Train Derailment of SW Chief, Injuries Reported

Cimarron, KS ( Just after midnight seven rail cars came off the track near Cimarron as the Southwest Chief derailed. Gregory Jones was going from LA to Miami for a music festival.



Jones was one of the passengers that help others in the lounge car get off. Antonio Taylor was going from San Francisco to his hometown of Gary, Indiana .

Authorities report 2 people in critical condition. 21 other were taken to Western Plains Medical Complex in Dodge and 9 to St. Catherine’s in Garden for minor injuries. A bus will take most of the passengers back to where they need to go.

One thing that deserves a spot light is the good work the American Red Cross disaster response team did in helping the victims in their time of need.

Becker says they helped victims reach their families in addition to giving them food and water. Two of the critical victims from Monday’s derailment have been transported to a hospital in Texas.


The Associated Press reports there may have been a problem with the track prior to the derailment of an Amtrak train derailed overnight. A government official says an engineer hit the emergency brakes after noticing a significant bend in the rail ahead that could have been connected to a prior motor vehicle accident. 

Night derailment photos courtesy of Daniel Szczerba

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