Education, Tax Increases Focus of Legislative Coffee Discussion

Garden City, KS ( Saturday’s legislative coffee update sponsored by the Garden City Chamber focused on a couple of important topics. One just because a temporary financial remedy was passed by the legislature Representative John Doll believes it is still likely schools will be closed June 30th.



Representative Shannon Francis of Liberal thinks middle and poorer income families are bearing the weight of balancing last year’s budget.

Locked in a battle over education funding the legislature has taken it upon themselves to pass a bill making it easier to remove state judges. Some have viewed this action as vindictive since justices feel the legislature is not holding up their constitutional responsibility of providing an adequate education to every child in Kansas. State Senator Larry Powell does not view it the same way.

Powell prefer the courts not to attach a monetary amount to solve the problem and leave the budgetary issues to the legislature. The next hearing on school finance is May 10th.

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