April 15, 2024

Holding home court; Scott City tennis wins tournament title

Scott City, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–For the second time in as many days, the Scott City boys tennis team took the court, and for the second straight day, picked up a tournament win. This time, they reclaimed their own tournament title cup, defeating Ulysses by four points on Friday. The Beavers were able to sweep the doubles titles, while finishing second and third in singles competition. Garden City, Scott City “White”, Southwestern Heights and Colby rounded out the top six teams.

Team Scores
Scott City “Blue” 23, Ulysses 19, Garden City 18, Scott City “White” 15, Southwestern Heights 12, Colby 1

No. 1 Singles
1. Marco Rodriguea, Garden City; 2. Ryan Anthony, Ulysses; 3. Isaac Evans, Scott City “Blue”; 4. Rob Evans, Southwestern Heights; 5. Robert RosasScott City “White”; 6. Joey Unruh, Colby

No. 2 Singles
1. Trey Paul, Ulysses; 2. Hayden Nevils, Scott City “Blue; 3. Ariel Saldana, Garden City; 4. Porter Irwin, Scott City “White”; 5. Jose Espinoza, Southwestern Heights; 6. Seth Hutfles, Colby

No. 1 Doubles
1. Bo Hess/Dylan Hutchins, Scott City “Blue; 2. Alberto Araiza/Christian Wolfe, Scott City “White”; 3. Kaylan Olivas/Joaquin Escamilla, Southwestern Heights; 4. Braden Scott/ Braden Deyoe, Ulysses; 5. Daniel Chacon/Daniel Darter, Garden City; 6. Alex Vap/Tyler Oren, Colby

No. 2 Doubles
1. Joe Evans/Chandler Janssen, Scott City”Blue”; 2. Miles Haire/Parker Vulgamore, Scott City “White”;. 3. Erik Perez/Lorenz Rincones, Garden City; 4. James Gandhi/Brandon Barbo, Ulysses; 5. Madie Angell/Manuel Puentes, Southwestern Heights; 6. Julian Bixenman/Keelan Sanguinetti, Colby

Scott City Coach Steve Kucharik