May 28, 2024

Memorial Service: Schwartz Leaves a Legacy of Caring

Garden City, KS ( Tuesday afternoon family, friends and students remembered longtime Garden City Community College Trustee Ron Schwartz who passed away Friday after a long battle with cancer. His pastor Nathan Sheridan read what Schwartz wrote about his passion for helping others.



GCCC President Dr. Herbert Swender talked about the huge void that has been left behind.

During the service Swender said after renovations are made to the GCCC Gymnasium it will be named in Ron Schwartz honor.   Swender says Schwartz’s commitment to Pell Grants on helping lower income students attend college made a lasting impact.

Executive Director of the Kansas Association of Community College Trustees Linda Fund says Schwartz was a shining example for them.

Schwartz was laid to rest at the age of 67.

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