January 29, 2023

Water Conservation, Enforcement Discussed at Latest GMD meeting

(westernkansasnews.com) Last month’s meeting of Groundwater Management District 3 in Cimarron focused on several areas. Kansas Water Office Director Tracey Streeter talked about implementing a plan the legislature set in place last year.




Another area discussed was increased enforcement of new regulations set forth by the Kansas Department of Agriculture.

Now the challenge is to bring about further action of the Kansas Water Vision.  Kansas Water Officials are thinking outside the box in attempts to sustain the Ogalala Aquifer.  Streeter believes the Water Conservation Areas have been well received from all those who abide by the rules they help write.

The Kansas Department of Agriculture is leading the charge in this area.  

One way of providing the right incentive for farmers to use less water is to make it financial advantageous. State Representative Bud Estes of Dodge City has a plan for farmers to use part of their land in harnessing renewable energy and then resell what they produce on the open market thus needing less water for the rest of their crops. Streeter believes this is an idea that should get further study.

KU and K-State are both teaming up to explore Estes idea in more detail and see if it can advance to the next level.

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