May 30, 2024

Huelskamp Townhall Focuses on Washington Intervention

Garden City, KS ( The immigration debate wages on in Washington, but already President Obama has done something that seniors should know about as they open their mailboxes every month. Congressman Tim Huelskamp noted the discovery during Tuesday’s townhall meeting in Garden City at Ward’s Cafe.



WOTUS regulations were also a big topic of discussion. Huelskamp illustrated why even standing water in a road ditch makes Waters of the US a stifling regulation.

The Senate kept funding the regulation through the Environmental Protection Agency. Huelskamp is hopeful they will revisit the issue soon.  

Years ago the government encouraged banks to sign up people for home mortgages even if they could not afford it. Now with tighter regulations on who can seek home loans, Congressman Huelskamp says its become increasingly difficult to get financed.

Here is what it means for rural America.

Huelskamp says in visiting a small community bank in Marysville, Kansas their average home mortgage loan is 55-thousand dollars.

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