May 22, 2024

Rep. Doll Breaks Down the Latest State Budget, Problems with Topeka

Garden City, KS ( The legislature has passed their budget for the next fiscal year, but it remains to be seen if this is a temporary fix or a long lasting solution based on revenue projections. State Representative John Doll of Garden City voted no on the budget, although there were some good pieces in the legislation.


Here is what Doll did not like.

Governor Brownback has 197 million dollars in the discretionary fund created by the legislature. 

Voters like their elected representatives to listen. They are not the only ones elected officials hear from and in the end sometimes pressure from outside groups can influence a vote on a key issue. State Representative John Doll of Garden City has seen this type of pressure first hand.

Does not just come from outside groups.

Doll believes there are two ways to combat this problem. Vote representatives that reflect your values and the public needs to take a greater role and interest in state politics.

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