April 15, 2024

Marshall Convinced He Can Solve Problems in Washington

(westernkansasnews.com) The race is heating up six weeks ahead of the Kansas Republican primary between incumbent Congressman Tim Huelskamp and Doctor Roger Marshall an OBGYN from Great Bend. This week we’ll talk with Doctor Marshall and he addresses his perception of the biggest difference between him and the Congressman.


Marshall accuses Huelskamp of throwing his colleagues under the bus to prop up his conservative credentials.

One issue that is always important to Western Kansas is helping farmers make a living. Marshall believes he will bring that passion to Washington if elected. Here is one way he plans to do it.

As far as education, Marshall wants Washington to have a hands off approach.

When asked if that means ending the National Department of Education, Marshall said he give it “serious consideration”, but would need more information before making a decision.