April 17, 2024

Senator Moran Identifies His Top Issues to Help Rural Kansas

Scott City, KS (westernkansasnews.com) US Senator Jerry Moran visited Scott City last Friday and he talked about federal regulations that go too far. Moran and his colleagues have attempted to warded off proposed regulations from CMS the agency that has oversight over medicare and medicaid.


Moran says there are softer regulations on emergency rooms than on doing physical therapy. Moran has also put this question to U.S. Fish and Wildlife which leads him to believe that even after a legal setback they have not fully given up on listing the lesser prairie chicken as threatened.

The Senator is still waiting on an answer. One of Moran’s main issues is the desire to solve our immigration problem. He wants a program that will bring people in while keeping us safe.

The other area of concern is the US mounting debt. Moran thinks the public needs to insist elected leaders have the willpower to tackle this issue.

Moran concluded a series of townhalls last week in our area. He is campaigning for another term in the Senate.

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