May 25, 2024

Supreme Court to Hear Details of Equity Solution For Education This Week

( Both houses of the legislature late Friday had passed their proposal to solve the equity component for funding state schools.  Attorney General Derek Schmidt says they will present the specifics to the state Supreme Court this week.  The justices must approved what the legislature passed to avert a court ordered shutdown of schools by July 1st.

Superintendent at USD 457 in Garden City on why solving this equity component is so important to your child’s education and ultimately your wallet.

Regardless of whether the Supreme Court approves the latest fix to equity funding for state education this battle is not over.  Adequacy for school’s is the next component of this lawsuit. 

Some fear the court could order the state to pour in an extra 550-600 million for funding education.  The concern is how would the state come up with all that money and what ultimately could be sacrifice in making that amount whole.