May 30, 2024

Z98 Quack Attack is a Huge Success

Dodge City, KS ( The Z98 Quack Attack ended with a surprising winner on Saturday. The event part of Dodge City’s Main Street Festival has people buy miniature ducks and float them down a small man made stream to the finish line. Not only did Diane Clark take second place, her duck finished first as well.



Clark takes home $9,000 and she plans to use the money on a family vacation. The money is a big fundraiser for 4H, but as Mindy Stapleton of the Alley tell us it also provides a needed financial boost to programs they sponsor.

A big thanks to all who were involved in this year’s event.

First and second place winner Diane Clark (pictured)

Third place winner Esporanza Garcia

Fourth place winner Heath and Tabitha Fulton (pictured)

*On-air story*

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