May 30, 2024

Polls Determine Clinton’s Biggest Obstacle to Winning Presidency

( The polls have been under a noticeable shift over the last week in the aftermath of FBI Director James Comey recommending no charges for Hillary Clinton’s server scandal as secretary of state.  Democratic Pollster Josh Ulibarri of Lake Research Partners says Clinton’s numbers have taken a tumble since the news broke.


Here is the biggest question Clinton must answer to win.

With last week’s terrorist attack in Nice both candidate will both try to assert their national security credentials in the coming weeks.

When you hear the results of national polls take them with a grain of salt.  Ulibarri identifies the one reason doing a reliable poll has become so difficult.

The polls genuinely are not as thorough either.

Ulibarri says you can still do a reliable poll it just take more time and effort.

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