July 15, 2024

Swender trio takes title at Legendary Shootout

Garden City, KS (westernkansasnews.com)-By morning, Dr. Herbert Swender leads Garden City Community College as its President. By Afternoon on Thursday, Swender traded his suit and tie in for a golf shirt and clubs. 

And he looked pretty natural doing it. 

Swender, along with his sons H.J. and Austin won the Legendary Shootout at the 37th annual Southwest Kansas Pro Am. 


118—Herb Swender, HJ Swender, Austin Swender

124—Ryan Kirchoff, Roger Ratliff, Aaron Anderson

125—Connor Schultz, Dan Kollhoff, Rean Wessels

128—Mike Harris, Grant Harris, Mike Hill

130—Grant Elpers, Bryan Meyer, Jim Snook; Bruce Mueller, Jim Rodenbeek, Trey Grebe


131—Troy Consbruck, Casey Sullivan, Kelley Sullivan

132—Storm Denison, Pat Houchin, Pat Bartelli; Neil Hawley, Bruce Johnson, Randy Cundiff

133—Stewart Nelson, Nick Nemechek, Bill Lowry

135—Jason Dougherty, Benjamin Karlin, Josh Baser; Brooks Crandall, Clayton Holub, Wade Bargdell

136—Steve O’Brate, Dave Criger, Eric Meyer

137—Tom Richardson, Don Bowlby, Terry Rodgers

138—Billy Myatt, Garret Jones, Butch Nally

139—Earl Curra, Jo Samia, Marcus Ramos

141—Michael VanVleet, Mitch Burscamp, Cam Walker