Greeley County takes Scott City Tennis Invitational

Scott City, Kan. (–Seven teams made up of the Scott City Tennis Invitational on Monday across three different locations across Scott City. While it was a sunny day for tennis, temperatures felt like it was the middle of July instead of the middle of September. 

Greeley County won the met with 45 points, followed by Scott City with 35. Despite winning the meet, Greeley County did not have a champion, but all of their singles and doubles teams finished in the top three. 

Team Scores 
Greeley County 45, Scott City 35, Ashland 32 (won tiebreaker over Colby), Colby 32, Liberal 28 (won tiebreaker over Russell), Russell 28, Ulysses 15

Singles/Doubles Results
No. 1 Singles
1. Tierra Stoney, Liberal; 2. Taelyr Blehm, Russell; 3. Danela Veleta, Greeley County; 4. Jacki Endicott, Ashland; 5. Laura Schroeder, Colby; 6. Jennie Erven, Scott City; 7. Natalie Bower, Ulysses

No. 2 Singles
1. Madisyn Lemman, Colby; 2. Brittany Luebbers, Greeley County; 3. Valery Ewqueda, Libera; 4. Karen Gonzalez, Scott City; 5. Mercedes Degollado, Ulysses; 6. Alex Brather, Ashland; 7. Maci Clark, Russell

No. 1 Doubles
1. Krystal Appel/Emma Price, Scott City; 2. Morgan Woelk/Carla Ibarra, Greeley County; 3. Lezah Fox/Calley Kellenberger, Ashland; 4. Lauryn Payne/Cristen Edwards, Ulysses; 5. Daisi Brand/Skylar Steinle, Russell; 6. Caitlin Tinkham/Courtney Tinkham, Colby; 7. REbecca Irby/Reyna Quinones, Liberal

No. 2 Doubles
1. Ahtziri Roetzer/Taylor Dreiling, Ashland; 2. Emily Glenn/Karlee Logan, Scott City; 3. Jessica Mendoza/Abby Berggren, Greeley County; 4. Amelia Culver/Stacia Oren, Colby; 5. Morgan Orlando/Kaycie Hogan, Russell; 6. Jady Williams/Mariyvette Aguilar, Liberal; 7. Jennifer Johnson/Amelia Holman, Ulysses