April 15, 2024

GCPD: Tax Preparer Made Off With Refunds, Armed Felon Arrested

Garden City, KS (westernkansasnews.com) A tax preparer in Garden City who help people file properly, so they wouldn’t land in jail is now in jail herself.  Police say 20 year old Blanca Torres while working on the side to fill out tax forms is accused of defrauding 32-thousand dollars from those seeking her services. 

Officers believe Torres took her customers refund checks by cashing them in and also obtained online credit cards meant for her customers.  Torres is facing multiple counts including several felony charges for theft.  She has been booked into the Finney County jail.


GCPD have also informed the public that a 24 year old man wanted on two counts of a felon criminal possessing a firearm has been apprehended.  Scott Sonnenberg was considered armed and dangerous prior to his arrest.  No details have been released as to how officers caught up to Sonnenberg.