June 16, 2024

Healthcare Premiums Exepcted to Rise Again in 2017

(westernkansasnews.com) Despite the promises made when it passed that the Affordable Care Act would save families an average of $2500 on their healthcare costs the pricetag for insurance continues to rise.  Clark Schultz, Deputy Commissioner with the Kansas Insurance Department releases preliminary estimates on next year’s premiums.


Why so much?

Some younger people are still not signing up for health coverage.  People who have private insurance can also expect to see a modest increase next year.  Final rates will be determined within the next few weeks.

Schultz on why insurance companies are raising rates so much is because they are getting stuck with the bill.

Schultz compared it to getting car insurance on Tuesday for a wreck that occurred the previous day.  The state is doing something to curb prices by starting to talk about bringing back an old idea.

Insurance Commissioner Ken Selzer has also negotiated with a company out of Minnesota Medica to bring them in and out up the marketplace attempting to stabilize costs.  They will  start offering policies January 1st.

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