April 15, 2024

Martin: US Policy Toward Cuba Sending Wrong Message

Hays, KS (westernkansasnews.com) Last week marked a historic flight.  The first US commercial flight landed on Cuban soil since Fidel Castro closed off the country in 1961.  For Fort Hays President Doctor Mirta Martin the occasion was very personal for her, having been born  in Cuba and coming to terms with both countries advancing their relationship.

Doctor Martin though does not believe President Obama struck the right cord by his recent visit to the island nation.

Martin has been invited to speak at the next month’s Diversity Breakfast and
Multicultural Summit in Garden City.  Martin a native of Cuba that emigrated to the country.  While many believe diversity is a weakness, Martin thinks diversity can bring people together.

For more information on the Diversity Breakfast and Multicultural Summit visit garden-city.org.