April 15, 2024

Jennings Tackles the Complicated Budget Problem

Lakin, KS (westernkansasnews.com) Governor Brownback made a series of recommendations on how estimated tax revenue is tabulated which includes overhauling the group that does the estimates and the way they’re reported.  Representative Russ Jennings of Lakin thinks that is only masking the problem.



Jennings identifies the flaw in the design of the budget.

Jennings feels doing this does not allow lawmakers any flexibility when the economy reaches a downturn.  

On a different note can we expect legislators to back a tax increase?  Jennings believes any support of such a move does not look at the complete picture.

Here is what Jennings feels needs to be done in any tax plan.

The goal is to make sure priorities are funded including education and maintaining roads especially when the economy continues to struggle.  

There are a lot of new faces expected in next year’s legislature. Jennings knows these new members will be challenged on day one.

Jennings believes this group is ready for what lies ahead.

The biggest challenges are expected to be devising a new school funding formula and solving the state’s current budget shortfall.  

One of the ways to help solve that is for Kansas to consider taking medicaid expansion funds from the federal government.  Jennings believes in rural areas it makes some sense.

As for coming up with a new school funding model, some members may have a difficult decision to make.

Jennings believes its up to current membership in the legislature to help the new members along when they are sworn in this January.

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