May 28, 2024

Law: State of City Address Focuses on Progress of Past Year

Garden City, KS ( Garden City Mayor Chris Law delivered the annual State of the City Address Wednesday morning from the Chamber of Commerce breakfast at Southwind.  With all the construction in town, Law highlighted on the new Meadowlark/Dairy Farmers of America plant set to open about a year from now.



The plant will do more than just process milk, it will recycle water which can address other needs.

During the speech Law illustrated the drive to continue development.

The fund helps encourage development of vacant properties and revitalizing existing buildings downtown.  

Also in order to keep the idea of transparency and in light of recent controversy on a property tax lid imposed by the state on cities and counties, Garden City has a new app. City Manager Matt Allen on what this will show you.

Go to for more information and to see the app at work.  

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