April 21, 2024

Utz: Important People Get Back to Normal After Terror Arrests

Garden City, KS (westernkansasnews.com) The arrest of the three men accused in planning to bomb an apartment complex on West Mary that houses Somali immigrants has deeply shocked the community.  During a meeting with residents Saturday Garden City Police Chief Michael Utz and others in law enforcement attempted to calm fears.



The eight month long investigation started when someone tipped off authorities.

Utz says because of this they will begin a local campaign encouraging others to speak up if they hear or see something suspicious.  How can you do that if there are times when people could be accused of profiling?  Utz says individuals need to take more stock on what the activity is rather than the person doing it.

Utz wants the most important priority to be safety of our communities rather than the fear of being labeled.

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