May 29, 2024

Nolte: Comfortable with New Leadership Structure, Direction at DCCC

Dodge City, KS ( After recent resignations of Dodge City Community College Nursing Director Carolyn Wright and VP Danny Gillum some uncertainty has crept in about the future direction of the college.  It is a view not shared by DCCC President Doctor Harold Nolte.


Nolte believes this was the right time for these moves and now he can build on his own leadership team.  Nolte recently received an extension through 2019.  The topic of recent turnover could come up at Monday night’s 6pm meeting of the Board of Trustees.  

On a separate, but related note the college had their State of the College Address from the new Student Activities Center last Thursday.  Doctor Nolte likes the new developments on campus.

The college worked hard to refurbish their student housing at Sheldon Hall.

Not to mention the new Student Activities Center has generated excitement which has been open for events a little more than a month now.   

Photo used with permission from WKBC file