May 30, 2024

Four People Arrested on Suspicion of Reselling Dillons Merchandise

Garden City, KS ( The Garden City Police Department, Dillons and Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control have arrested four people they have accused of stealing food, alcohol and household products and reselling it at their businesses.

Authorities indicate the total amount stolen reaches $3,300.  The individuals involved include 53 year old Ramiro Serrano, 52 year old Maria Serrano, 50 year old Juan Montelongo and 45 year old Moises Garcia.  The businesses allegedly involved are Panderia Y Tortilleria Real; Garcia Carnicceria Y Restaurant and La Playa Dorada.

All non-perishable items will be returned to Dillons after the investigation ends while perishable food items will be donated to a local food bank.