July 16, 2024

Tips to Keep Your Valuables Safe This Holiday Season

Garden City, KS (westernkansasnews.com) We hear a lot about being on alert when going out shopping this time of the year.  That high level of awareness is not just limited to the stores or parking lots.  Garden City Police Officer Josh Meinzer says even where you put your Christmas tree can be a target for people looking through a window.


And if you worry leaving gifts in the car makes you vulnerable.

Sometimes in our life we have to fight our inclination. While our instinct may be to post on social media where we are going for Christmas, others may try to take advantage of your honesty.

Officer Meinzer says there are people willing to keep an eye on your house.  All you have to do is ask.

Having a security system or timing your lights to turn on at a certain time can also help.