May 24, 2024

Victory Electric Gauges Response to Recent Ice Storms

Dodge City, KS ( While Victory Electric continues repairs in a nine county area ravaged by the ice storm from the ice storm that swept through about ten days ago, damage estimates still remain uncertain . Jerri Imgarten Marketing and Communications Manager with Victory on the power of scouting which helped expedite some repairs.



Victory Electric will do all they can to recoup their losses.

Currently the electric co-op has spent a million on repairs. That total is expected to rise. 

In theater it is always good to have a dress rehearsal before going out on the stage in a live performance. Same is true Victory Electric setting a plan in place to deal with all the power outages that occur during the recent ice storm across the region. Jerri Imgarten, Victory Marketing Manager says that test took place about a decade ago.

All residential customers are now connected with power. The only ones still without electricity are some irrigators. The hope is to have that solved soon.

ice storm line oneice storm line two