May 30, 2024

Doll Voted For Tax Bill, Still Believes Current Structure Hits Poor Most

Garden City, KS ( The bill passed by the legislature last week contained a 1.2 billion dollar tax increase over two years in helping to erase a budget deficit in the state of Kansas. Still despite its overall goal State Senator John Doll of Garden City is not pleased this group has been singled out to pitch the most money in.



The lowest tax bracket makes less than 30,000 and if Governor Brownback vetoes the bill this whole debate may not be over.

If Governor Brownback lets the bill sit within ten days it becomes law regardless of whether he signs it or not.


Beyond the Governor’s veto of last week’s tax bill, Senator Doll believes state budget problems have been caused by a variety of factors, some out of the state’s own control.

Because of this Doll has seen reliance on one particular tax.

Doll’s goal during his four years is to help rework the current tax structure and ease the burden all of us face from increased property taxes.

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