May 30, 2024

Hammond’s Testimony Addresses Dodge’s Need in School Funding Battle

Dodge City, KS ( Executive Director of Business and Operations at USD 443 in Dodge City Bill Hammond testified before a State Senate committee last week in charge of devising Kansas’ new school finance formula.  Hammond testified they needed certainty in funding and that is why this year has been so hard.


Added to that Dodge City has the highest percentage of at-risk students in the state.

Hammond presented another problem his district is seeking in getting the full financial commitment needed in order to succeed.

Hammond says while there are several different versions of the new funding formula in the Kansas House, the senate is still working on their plan. Is that a concern? Hammond remains hopeful the legislature will achieve their goal.

The legislature has until June 30th to come up with a plan.  The talk has centered on using some remnants of the old funding formula with some modifications.

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