August 10, 2022

Holding home court; Scott City tennis crusies to tournament title

Scott City, Kan. (–The final week of the regular season for the Scott City tennis team is underway, and they got started off in a big way, defending their own tournament title and keeping the tournament cup for the second straight year. 

In fact, the Beavers lost only one match all day, as the double teams of Isaac Evans/Bo Hess and Chandler Janssen/Hayden Nevills and Joe Evans in No. 1 Singles took the top spots, and No. 2 Singles player William Cupp finsihed in second place. 

Colby took second place and Southwestern Heights was third.

Team Scores
Scott City 93, Colby 53, Southwestern Heights 50, Garden City 48, Ulysses 43, Cimarron 16, Russell 8

No. 1 Singles
1. Joe Evans, Scott City; 2. Drew Starbuck, Colby; 3. Trey Paul, Ulysses; 4. Robert Evans, Southwestern Heights; 5. Ambrose Shaughnessy, Cimarron; 6. Travis Ochs, Russell; 7. Nathan Morrow, Garden City

No. 1 Doubles
1. Isaac Evans/Bo Hess, Scott City; 2. Grady Jacobs/Kaylan Olivas, Southwestern Heights; 3. Huy Nguyen/Erick Perez, Garden City; 4. Nic Cheney/Chase Cupp, Unattached; 5. Miles Haire/Christian Wright, Unattached; 6. Seth Hutfles/Julian Bixenman, Colby; 7. Branch/Gandi, Ulysses

No. 2 Singles
1. Austin Underwood, Garden City; 2. William Cupp, Scott City; 3. Braxton Moral, Ulysses; 4. Kainin O’Maley, Colby; 5. Niko Neel, Cimarron; 6. Brea Ross, Southwestern Heights; 7. Robert Justiniano, Russell

No. 2 Doubles
1. Chandler Janssen/Hayden Nevills, Scott City; 2. Gerardo Rivas/Lorenz Rincones, Garden City; 3. Jose Espinoza/Gabe Arellano, Southwestern Heights; 4. Joey Unruh/Nathan Lee, Colby; 5. Giesaking/Barbo, Ulysses; 6. Sam Ochs/Jake Sohm, Russell; 7. Weston Bryant/Wyatt Woods, Cimarron

Coach Steve Kucharik, Scott City