May 30, 2024

If TIGER Goes, Allen Believes Rail Won’t Suffer in President’s Budget

Garden City, KS ( There is a great deal of concern that President Trump’s first proposed budget would gut TIGER grants and rail maintenance something our region has worked so hard on in keeping the Southwest Chief up and running. Although interested to see how it is funded Garden City Manager Matt Allen is convinced there is enough support to keep rail alive.


President Trump has said he is willing to pour 1 trillion dollars into infrastructure improvements, but details on the program and what it would go for remains on wraps for now.

The battle over transportation dollars might not just be with TIGER grants for improvements to rail. There is also talk that Essential Air Service funding could be at the very least cut. That funding is vital to rural areas who need the funding for certain needs at regional airports throughout Kansas. If curtailed Garden City Manager Matt Allen believes at least for now the city could fill in the gap for funding lost from trimming EAS.

Still Kansas congressional delegation is well aware of the importance in this funding and are ready to do their part in keeping it intact.

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