May 27, 2024

Kansas Implements 4-H Fee

( Kansas 4-H will begin charging a program fee of $15 for participants beginning on October 2nd. The fee is to help fill a gap left by declines in state funding.

The fee will help fund efforts to enhance projects, volunteer and staff training and measuring the effectiveness of programs among other things.

Wade Weber the Department Head for 4-H development in Kansas on the reason for the fee.

Weber also touched on what the fee money would go towards.

A 2016 survey of 38 other states’ 4-H programs revealed that 25 have some kind of fee. With those fees ranging from $3 to $50 a year. Some states even charge by number of projects participated in.

 The goal of the fee is to help grow program excellence and to help Kansas 4-H be known for engaged youth, empowered volunteers, equipped professionals and expanding partnerships. Nearly 78,000 young people and 11,000 volunteers participated in 4-H activities last year.

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