May 30, 2024

Update Virus Crippling West KS Wheat

Garden City, KS ( The Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus, is crippling the western Kansas wheat crop.

According to K-State Research and Extension Agronomy, six counties in our area (Finney, Greeley, Wichita, Lane, Hamilton and Kearny) are feeling the impacts of wheat streak mosaic, triticum mosaic and high plains mosaic virus. Many fields in this area could lose more than 70 percent of their crop, if not a complete loss.

CEO of the Kansas Wheat Commission Justin Gilton explains the virus.

Losses from WSMV are determined by variety, weather, percent of plants infected and the time of infection. A Spring infection usually yields a 20 percent loss. The first signs start showing in April on the edge of the fields near volunteer wheat.

There isn’t a chemical treatment for WSMV, but there are management options. Controlling the volunteer wheat is essential. Volunteer wheat must be destroyed for no fewer than two weeks in order to get rid of WSMV. Another control option is to avoid early planting.

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