May 26, 2024

USD 443 Teachers Get Raise

Dodge City, KS( The USD 443 Board of Education and the Dodge City National Education Association have agreed on a contract. The agreement was approved by the teachers last week and by the Board of Education on June 26.

The new contract includes a $1,500 raise for all certified full-time teachers. With the increase a new teacher will have a beginning salary of $40,200. For comparison the average starting teacher salary for the state of Kansas is around $34,000.

Superintendent Alan Cunningham on the advantages of the new contract.

There was also a change to personal leave days. Each teacher gets two personal days a year, but now teachers with 6-10 years of service can use a sick day as a personal day. Teachers with 11-15 years can use two sick days and teachers with more than 16 years can use three.