May 24, 2024

Z98 Great Quack Attack Check Presentation

Dodge City, KS( Yesterday Z98 presented the organizations involved with Great Quack Attack their checks for the amount of leases they sold. In total the event raised $31,955.

The Alley(pictured above) received a check in the amount of $24,201, Ford County 4H received a check for $5,511 and Sacred Heart Cathedral School received a check for $2,243.

Each of the organizations issued statements on being involved with the event and the checks they received.

“Sacred Heart Cathedral Catholic would like to thank the Z98 Great Quack Attack for allowing us to be part of this very generous  fundraiser.  As a private school funding is always an issue and Z98 as well as the people of Dodge City truly appreciate your support.  Our donations will be used for additional software and various instructional materials.  Once again, thank you for supporting our Dodge City youth.”

Lynee Habiger, Sacred Heart Cathedral School Principal.

Sacred Heart Cathedral School

“The money raised from the Quack Attack Fundraiser is a great help to our 4-H’ers. We split the money evenly between the 7 4-H clubs we have in Ford County and the 4-H Council. The clubs and council use the money for scholarships to help make our camps and leadership conferences more affordable for 4-H’ers, to purchase 4-H promotional supplies to use throughout the year, and club meeting supplies. This year, Ford County 4-H’ers voted to give a portion of the money they raised to the Ford County Fairboard to go towards installing air conditioning in the Ford County Fairbuilding.”

  Lexi Kiniston, 4-H Youth Development Agent.

Ford Co 4-H

“The Alley, Project Teen Safe would like to, once again, thank the Z98 Great Quack Attack for the continued opportunity we are given each year to be involved in this amazing fundraiser for our area youth organizations. This year, possibly even more so than any years in the past, the money raised was very crucial to The Alley. In late 2016 our building had 3 heating units fail and need immediate replacement. After paying the bill for these new units, it left our account balance at a dangerously low level. There was much tension for a few months as we struggled to keep our head above water in paying the month to month operating expenses. This is life from time to time in the not-for-profit world. 

There is something very unique and exceptional to the duck fundraiser. We all realize and appreciate the fact that the harder we work at selling duck leases, the more money we directly raise for The Alley. Our director, Mindy Stapleton, her direct personal support system as well as our teen board members work endlessly during duck season. Everyone’s efforts from this year’s sales will help the much-needed replenishing of our operating account as well as a few special treats that are in store for our kids who helped with the fundraiser. The Alley teen board, as well as all community kids, are THE reason The Alley exists and we hope our teen board members take pride in the fact that The Alley continuing to exist is a direct reflection of their hard work and dedication.  THAT is what The Alley is all about, after all. 
We love our community’s kids. Thank you again, Z98 Great Quack Attack for the opportunity to continue to provide a great place for them to be safe and grow!”
Candice Thomas, Adult Board Vice President The Alley, Project Teen Safe.
Z98 also issued a statement on the event:
“This is our 13th year of hosting the z98 Great Quack Attack.  Our stations would like to thank all the local sponsors that provide the prize money for this event making it possible for each of the youth organizations to keep all the money they raise from selling leases.  And a huge shout out to the Dodge City Fire Department for providing us with the man power and the fastest river in all of Southwest Kansas.  We, as a radio station take great pride in this event and our ability to help the children in Dodge City and Ford County.”
The events individual winners were determined on Saturday June 3.

           10TH PLACE:  KERRY WALTERS $100

            9TH PLACE:  KIM BATMAN $200

            8TH PLACE:  TRACY SHINOGLE $300

            7TH PLACE: BRAD ROETZER $400

            6TH PLACE:  TIM KIRBY $500 (Gave winnings to The Alley)

            5TH PLACE:  LYNEE HABIGER $600 (Gave winnings to Sacred Heart)

            4TH PLACE:  DON DUPREE $700


            2ND PLACE:  KATHY KOEHN $1,500

             1st PLACE:  SCOTT BOGNER $3,000 (Gave $1,000 to each organization selling ducks)

Pimp Your Duck winner was The Alley Honorable Mention went to Vicki Smith Realtor, Coldwell Banker Hancocks Dodge City Inc and Paws and Claws Pet Shop.

Thank you to the events corporate sponsors:  Credit Union of Dodge City, United Wireless, Lewis Toyota, Western Kansas Broadcast Center and Z98.  Thank you to all our other sponsors:  Phillips Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, Kansas Feeds, Kelly Henrichs DDS, Steward Plumbing and heating, McDonalds, Dodge City Community Collegt, Lucky Liquor, Trojan Specialty, Aflac Dan Stecklein, Dave Snapp, Limo Santino, Garcia Antosh Law Office, The Doctors Office, Casey’s Cowtown, Winter Livestock and Culligan of Dodge City.

Special Appreciation to:  Dodge City Fire Department, Dodge City Parks and Rec. and Dodge City Public Works.