May 26, 2024

GCCC Elects Board of Trustees Officers

Garden City, KS( The Garden City Community College Board of Trustees met in regular session on Tuesday, July 11.

There was an Election of Officers for the Board of Trustees for 2017-2018.  Steve Martinez was elected board Chairman, taking over the seat formerly held by Jeff Crist.  Terri Worf will remain as the Vice Chairman, Melvin Neufeld will remain as Clerk and KACCT Representative, and Steve Martinez will remain the Economic Development Corporation Representative.

The board also approved appointed positions for 2017-2018.  GCCC President, Dr. Herbert J. Swender will be Secretary to the Board, Debbie Atkinson will be Deputy Clerk, Dee Wigner, College Treasurer, Dallas Crist, Designated Agent for KPERS, and Dee Wigner, Alternate Designated Agent for KPERS. Primary Bank Depositories and Professional Service Providers were also approved.

 Under Consent Agenda, GCCC President, Dr. Herbert J. Swender, recommended to publish a 2017-18 budget that sets the general fund mill levy and capital outlay fund mill levy at the same level as last year with no recommended mill increase.  It was noted that the estimated revenue generated from the ad valorem tax increased the General Fund ad valorem tax revenue by $692,311 and the Capital Outlay Fund revenue by $31,423.  The revenue increase is due to an increase in assessed valuation for real estate and oil and gas.  The credit given for Tax Incentive Fund (TIF) increased from $13,838,103 to $16,155,618.   There was a loss in revenue of motor vehicle taxes of $153,503. The board recommended the administration to publish the 2017-2018 budget, which reflects a no mill increase.  The amounts of $9,452,140 (19.983 mils) for General Fund and $477,343 (1.009 mills) for Capital Outlay, again, represents no increase in the mill levy for GCCC.