May 21, 2024

Historic Firearms on Display at Finney Co. Museum

Garden City, KS( The “Aiming True” exhibit is now on display at the Finney County Museum featuring muskets rifles and shotguns from the 1820s to 1940s.

The firearms include a Winchester 1873 lever action rifle, known as “the gun that won the West,” a Sharps Army carbine of Civil War vintage and a pair of U.S. military-issue Wickham muskets dating to the 1820s.  The guns, all from the museum’s artifact collection, also range from a Berthier carbine of the type used by French troops during World War I to a World War II Murata rifle carried by the Japanese Imperial Army.

In addition, the exhibit features a trio of antique shotguns, a battlefield machine gun built for German forces in World War I and additional pieces.  There are also artifacts related to the weapons, as well as list of the most significant firearms of the Old West.

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