September 27, 2022

Finney Co. Commission Votes Yes on Sales Tax

Garden City, KS( The Finney county commissioners held a regular scheduled meeting this morning. The commissioners voted on whether or not to pass a county wide sales tax initiative to fund county and city projects commissioner Dave Jones on their decision.

The city will vote on the sales tax at their August 15th meeting. Jones did say however there will be some changes to the current language of the agreement.

The sales tax will be for .30 percent or 3/10’s of a cent. The sales tax would fund the following projects:

  • Jennie Barker Road improvements and signalization at K-156 

  • Construction, operation, maintenance and equipping of a 3rd fire station with space for an already staffed EMS crew

  • Construction of an indoor shooting range to be used by multiple groups

  • Multiple improvements at the Lee Richardson Zoo, including animal health facility; flamingo habitat; primate habitat; and general zoo improvements.

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