May 21, 2024

Garden City organization awarded grants by Attorney General

Garden City, KS( A Garden City organization has been awarded more than $107,000 in grants to provide services for victims of crime, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt announced today.

Family Crisis Services, Inc., was awarded grants to support the following programs:

·         $23,298 to support a household violence unit advocate, who would be responsible for providing services and follow-up for domestic violence survivors referred through the Household Violence Unit recently developed by the Garden City Police Department, Garden City Municipal Court and Family Crisis Services, Inc.
·         $39,470 to continue to improve administrative oversight of the agency and ensure that services are high quality and survivors are satisfied and safe.
·         $44,550 to provide human trafficking services and increase awareness within the agency’s service area.

“Organizations across our state do great work to support thousands of crime victims each year,” Schmidt said. “We are proud to support the work of these organizations through the victims services grant programs.”

The awards were made from the Human Trafficking Victim Assistance Fund, Protection from Abuse Fund and State Crime Victims’ Assistance Fund. The Human Trafficking Victim Assistance Fund is funded through fines, penalties, forfeitures and State General Fund appropriations. The Protection from Abuse Fund is funded by State General Fund appropriations, marriage license fees, county court costs and municipal court assessments. The State Crime Victims’ Assistance Fund is funded though the remittance of applicable fines, penalties and forfeitures from clerks of the district courts.