May 24, 2024

Update: Drug Bust at Liberal Airport, charges against pilot dropped

Liberal, KS ( On Wednesday May 10 the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and the Seward County Sheriff’s Office seized a large shipment of cocaine at the Liberal Airport.

Just before 6:00 p.m. the aircraft landed and was detained discovering more than 144 pounds of cocaine. The estimated street value of the cocaine was $2 million.

The plane and cocaine were seized and the pilot, a 51-year old black male, and passenger, a 26-year old Hispanic male were arrested.

The charges against the pilot Patrick Williams, 51, have been dismissed. Williams provided us with documentation showing that charges against him were dropped because the evidence didn’t show he was responsible for the crime and there wasn’t probable cause to hold Williams.

The bags on the plane containing the cocaine belonged to the passenger Alan Lopez, 26, Williams didn’t know what was in the bags. Lopez was flying with Williams because he said he wanted to learn to fly. Williams had taken Lopez on one introductory flight a few months before the arrest.

Williams has spent the last five month in the Seward County jail and says now he’s just trying to get his life back.

According to KWCH 12  Lopez’ attorney, Derek Miller said he’s filed two motions including one to suppress and one to dismiss the case against his client. Miller is saying there wasn’t probable cause. Lopez’ bond has been reduced and the motions will be heard on November 15.