May 26, 2024

Garden City Teacher Receives KGA Award

Garden City, KS( The Kansas Geographic Alliance (KGA) has selected Lynn Boitano as the Kansas Geography Educator of the Year for 2017.  Boitano is a Read 180 instructor at Bernadine Sitts Intermediate Center.  She will be recognized at an all school assembly at 2:45 p.m. on Wednesday, October 18th.

Boitano was chosen for this award not only for her devotion to her students and their successes, but for her passionate about geography.  She volunteers to help at the Kansas Geographic Bee and is a real ambassador for geography education.  She has led the KGA in Geography Awareness Week efforts on the importance of the prairie in Kansas, including doing a special Silver Rails show in November on High Plains Public Radio about Geography Awareness Week each year.

The Kansas Geographic Alliance is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing geographic literacy among the citizens of Kansas. The KGA is funded by the National Geographic Education Foundation with additional support from Kansas State University and Fort Hays State University.

The mission of the KGA is to promote and support geographic literacy and education throughout Kansas.  Their vision is that the KGA will be the valued and respected source for expertise on geography and the teaching of geography for the citizens of Kansas.