May 26, 2024

Local students advance to Finney County spelling bee

Garden City, KS( Students from Finney County have advanced to the Finney County Spelling Bee that will be held Saturday, January 27th, at 9:00 a.m. in the Garden City High School auditorium, 2720 Buffalo Way Blvd. Students from elementary through middle school grades will be competing in the spelling bee. The first and second place winners of the Finney County Spelling Bee will qualify to participate in the Regional Spelling Bee that will be on Saturday, March 3rd, at Fort Hays State University.

The spelling bee winners include:

Alta Brown Elementary School:
1st: Isaac Barillas
2nd: Dominik Proffitt
3rd: Stephanie Kempis
The alternate is: Alan Lopez

Abe Hubert Elementary School:
1st: Isaiah Gonzales-Ruiz
2nd: Jerry Serrano
3rd: Roman Sandoval
The alternate is: Veronica McCallum

Florence Wilson Elementary School:
1st: Phoenix Bluvan
2nd: Marcos Loya
3rd: Marsae Hanneman
The alternate is: Rhianna Meza-McDermott

Georgia Matthews Elementary School:
1st: Andrew Lira
2nd: Corbin Huber
3rd: Emma Wheeler
The alternate is: Angie Meza Mena

Gertrude Walker Elementary School:
1st: Arian Ramirez
2nd: America Facio
3rd: Angel Villeda
The alternate is: Leah Antoine

Jennie Barker Elementary School:
1st: Derrick Hoff
2nd: Aubree Kitch
3rd: Pablo Aguilar-Solorzano
The alternate is: Olivia Holguin

Jennie Wilson Elementary School:
1st: Savanna Reyes
2nd: Alyssa Gomez
3rd: Aubree Weissel
The alternate is: Jacob Vela

Plymell Elementary School:
1st: Zane Storer
2nd: Trell Baker
3rd: Paisley Huber
The alternate is: Phoebe Juhl

Charles O. Stones Intermediate Center:
1st: Addison Seba
2nd: Yahir Adame
3rd: Gabriel Valdez
The alternate is: Victoria Gallardo

Horace Good Middle School
1st: Anna Lobmeyer
2nd: Luke Weideman
3rd: Shyla Cowles
The alternate is: Cephas Lobmeyer

Kenneth Henderson Middle School
1st: Lilly Moore
2nd: Alicia Montoya
3rd: Lesly Perez
The alternate is: Shawn Dreiling

Holcomb Elementary school:
1st: Cassandra Muniz
2nd: Genesis Corpus
3rd: Mattea Kennis
The alternate is: Yaya Stewart

Holcomb Middle School:
1st: Korryn Johnson
2nd: Madison Burrows
3rd: Rylie Thyne
The alternate is: Jera Kruleski

St. Dominic School
1st: Allie Strandmark
2nd: Jaren Lopez
3rd: Taran Castro
The alternate is: Karl Aguilar

St. Mary School:
1st: Adolfo Quezada
2nd: Alonzo Guevara
3rd: Dionisio Holguin