May 24, 2024

GC Chamber hosts Legislative Coffee

Garden City, KS( Garden City Chamber held their legislative coffee Saturday morning. The discussion focused on several areas including gun control, industrial hemp and medical marijuana among other things.

In his opening statement Rep. John Wheeler noted that the legislature hasn’t gotten much done so far.

Rep. John Wheeler provided an update on a bill being considered for concealed carry on college campuses.

Speaking of guns Rep. Russ Jennings touched on mass shootings and said it’s not a gun problem.

Senator John Doll said he’d be in favor of arming teachers to protect students.

Industrial hemp has been a big topic in Topeka, Rep. Leonard Mastroni on why hemp could be good for the state.

Senator John Doll opened discussing the difficulties of getting road work done in southwest Kansas.

Doll also noted the promise the legislature made all counties on roadwork and said at the very least they could cut the counties that haven’t been finished a check.

The legislators were also asked about Senate Bill 323. The bill is concerning utilities; relating to the retail electric suppliers act; concerning termination of service territory. Senator John Doll says he was torn on the bill.

The Legislators were also questioned about medical marijuana. Rep. Russ Jennings noted that it’s still against federal law.

Jennings also assured constituents about KPERS.

Jennings also noted that legislators are working on changing a Kansas law for those under 16 years old who have consensual sex. Currently the law allows for those who have underage sex to be placed in a juvenile corrections facility.